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Our bikes are about true, family-first travel, whether you're heading home from school, or pedaling through a grassy park on another weekend adventure.

How you enjoy life depends on how you experience it, and how you experience life depends on how you travel through it. Based on this philosophy Urban Tribe imagines how parents and their kids enjoy everyday rides through their neighborhood in a new way. Riding around with your little passengers in the front allows you and your kids to explore your environment with all senses as you get where you're going.


Stepping on the breaks and stop by the side of the road to explore something your child has discovered as you were driving by can become one of the most amazing moments in your day.


We designed Urban Tribe's website for visitors to both interact and engage with the product and the philosophy behind it. Since the company is based on a strong philosophy not only to quality, but to life, we wanted the narrative behind the brand to spark visitors imagination and thoughts as they explore the product. By using interactive elements such as the "When you ride with Urban Tribe"-element we achieved a simple, yet engaging interactive experience.