Pest Peeve

We all are increasingly aware of the effects that chemicals in products can have on us as well as the environment and are looking for healthier, natural alternatives for those products we use on a daily basis. Pest Peeve's mission is to leverage the natural power and ability of various plants to bring you a range of all-natural pest repellents that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

We've taken on the challenge to design and market the first pest repellent you don't want to hide in the kitchen counter.

Throughout Pest Peeve's identity you will not find any imagery of real-life insects! Rather than to emphasise on the problem itself (you already know why you're buying a pest repellent) - we wanted to show the insect-free, confortable environment you create!

In order to bring the philosophy and branding to life on the website and in communication we've created a set of characters and illustrations that welcome, guide and inform customers throughout their shopping experience.

Pest Peeve's super fast online shop is a natural extension of it's brand. This is where the products, the characters and messaging come together to create a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.

The Website

Check out to see the shop in action

We've created Pest Peeve Sans as a simple, approachable and versatile font that underlines the character of the brand. It's used widely throughout the website and on the actual labels.