We build fully custom shops that users love coming back to!

Interface & Experience

Fully Custom and Tailored to your Brand

We develop your brand's online shopping experience with your customers needs and buying behaviour in mind. Through meaningful elements, feedback and interaction your shop underlines your brand's narrative and engages customers to discover, buy and recommend.

A Custom Theme Developed Around Your Needs

We build custom themes tailored to your brand's specific goals and functional needs. Other than commercial themes off-the-rack, you will not have any unnecessary features or functions to slow down your site-speed.

A Shop Experience Geared Towards Your Target Audience

Knowing your customers surfing behaviour and online shopping habits is one of the cornerstones in the creation of a captivating shopping experience. We create a shopping experience that takes your specific target market into consideration.

Custom Coded

Built for Performance

Site speed is often only an afterthought; However, its role in your shop's revenue shouldn't be underestimated! On average, a fragment of a second longer in loading speed can make or brake a customers decision to shop with you!

+500 ms 20% Traffic Loss
+400 ms -5-9% Full Page Traffic Loss
+100 ms -1% Amazon Sales Loss

We use advanced techniques to make sure your site loads blazingly fast on all devices!

Mobile First, Responsive Design

In 2016, mobile conversions on Shopify outweighed desktop conversions. Right now, tablet conversion rates are neck and neck with desktop conversion rates worldwide!

This is why we design and code with a mobile-first approach. This does not only create less code and therefore a lighter website but also ensures the best experience possible across all devices.

An all-around Accessible Shopping Experience

Users that are 65 and older are increasingly considering online-shopping as an alternative. Taking accessibility into consideration when coding your shop does not only accommodate this demographic but also improves your SEO and conversion rates.