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Sold out within a month after their shop went online. We've been working with Urban Tribe to create the new most-beloved cargo bike brand in the USA.

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The Lifestyle Pest Repellent

We helped Pest Peeve to set the tone and make a change in an industry that hasn't seen innovation for a long time. We're proud to introduce the first pest repellent you wouldn't wanna hide in the kitchen counter.

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The Plus Brand in Your Kitchen

The Plus Brand wants to replace common household goods made from plastic with durable, long-lasting and germ-repelling steel. We've worked together to get their brand out there.

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Charco Beauty

We've worked together with beauty brand CharCo to develop their visual identity and packaging. Our approach was to create a combination between smudgy (just like the product) and clean (representing the result).

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Our goal was to make visiting MyGiftStop feel like you're asking a good friend you trust for help finding a gift the evening before the party. Calming, level-headed, caring and reassuring were the terms guiding our exploration. From the visual language of the branding to the interface and user experience of the custom built shipping experience, mygiftstop.com is the friend you can rely on.

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