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About Kevin Kurtovich

Kevin Kurtovich

Working on the creative side and the project management, Kevin Kurtovich has helped both Fortune 500 companies as well as various startups with developing their brand identity. Facilitating branding exercises for an increasing number of e-commerce brands throughout the past years, he has developed a deep understanding of how they work as well as the challenges and opportunities the businesses are facing wanting to establish a brand outside of the the Amazon marketplace.

Kevin finds his balance spending his time out of the office with his wife and son exploring Singapore’s various restaurants, museums and events.

About Kevin Frilot

Kevin Frilot

Kevin is a Southern California native and seasoned Shopify expert. He’s worked with clients ranging from startups to established e-commerce brands on developing completely custom shopify store experiences.

In doing so, he’s come to know the Shopify ecosystem like the back of his hand; it’s strengths and limitations.